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Our History

Garden Fresh Exotics was established in 2009 on Park Road in the heart of the West End of Glasgow, as a greengrocer and world food store - since then we have been serving the local community. When Covid hit in 2020 we started a fruit and vegetable delivery service and served over a thousand customers with amazing fresh produce, at a time when supermarkets could not cope with demand. After life eventually settled down we decided it was time for change and for us as a company to really reflect on our values and what affect we wanted to bring to the world. This led to us embarking on a full refurbishment of our retail store and turning it into an unmatched food shopping experience. We now offer an unmatched selection of seasonal produce, as well as a huge selection of whole foods, nuts and seeds, lentils, spices and so much more - everything you need to live the fresh life.


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Live The Fresh Life

We truly, truly care about the health and wellbeing of our customers. We have a fundamental belief that you are what you eat and so many of the physical and mental health challenges we face today can be affected by diet and what we put into our bodies.

In a world where eating copious amounts of processed food, is considered the new normal - we want to challenge that. From buying the fresh produce daily, to displaying in our store, to packing our delivery orders - every step along the way is completed with love and with the end customer in mind. We really believe we are bringing a positive difference to each and every single customer that buys from us.

Food is something that can connect us all as human beings in so many ways and it is truly a blessing for us to share this connection with all of our customers. 


Why buy from us

We care about our customers and want to bring a positive change to each and every one. This is a core value for us and everything we do starts from here.

We care about the environment and never want to have a negative affect on anything around us - for example all of our cardboard, plastic and wood is recycled and reused and never goes to landfill. We only use paper carrier bags instead of plastic. In the refurbishment of our shop we only used reclaimed timber and all of the refrigeration and air conditioning units in our shop are very energy efficient.

Quality - this almost goes without saying but quality of produce is of paramount importance to us. Our fruit buyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to offering the finest seasonal produce available. Although supermarkets would have you believe otherwise - not all produce is good all year round. We can help our customers make better informed buying decisions. 

We whole heartedly believe the produce you buy from us will be light years ahead of supermarkets in terms of quality, variety and taste. Once you taste our produce, there is no going back.

We are a family run business and support local charities with weekly produce donations. 

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