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Edinburgh Butter Company Cultured Butter - 200g

Edinburgh Butter Company Cultured Butter - 200g

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An absolutely premium product from an artisan Scottish company.

Churned in Edinburgh, this butter is made with care to ensure abolsute quality. This butter is made using locally sourced cream to slow churn butters in small batches giving them their distinct colour and flavour - made from sourcing the best local cream straight from the dairy, focusing on quality and flavour above all else. 

The Edinburgh Butter Co don’t believe in doing things fast, their process follows the traditional French method of butter production and takes time, which results in an extremely high quality, flavoursome butter. Whether you’re slathering their Cultured Butter onto toast, adding to sauces or using in baking it'll add a different level of flavour compared to mass market butters found in supermarkets.

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