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Happy Butter Organic Tumeric Ghee

Happy Butter Organic Tumeric Ghee

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Happy Butter Organic Tumeric Ghee (150g)

Organic Ghee with tumeric root. 

Happy Butter makes award-winning Organic Grass-fed Ghee in Devon. Happy Butter Ghee is made only using Organic UK sourced butter. Ghee is a fantastically versatile product that can be used in cooking as a replacement for nut and seed oils, or straight out of the jar in something like Bulletproof Coffee or just as a butter replacement on crackers. Ghee can be used on the skin and makes a fantastic lip salve. Suitable for Keto, Paleo, GAPS, FODMAP, Whole30, Banting, and of course traditional Ayurvedic diets, as well as cooking oil for every day. All Happy Butter ghee is casein and lactose-free and abundant in vitamins A D E & K. It is grass-fed too! Happy Butter is licenced by the Soil Association.

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